With writing that can cross from laughter to tears in a single sentence, Goff takes the reader along on her mother's wild, poignant, and unpredictable journey into dementia.  No one who has witnessed a beloved become a stranger can fail to recognize this book's hard ring of truth.  Riding the Elephant is a triumph of empathy, a tender homage, and a passionate celebration of family's unbreakable bond.

Ann Goethe, author of Midnight Lemonade

About Diane Porter Goff

Diane Porter Goff
Photo 2009 by Larkin Goff

Diane Porter Goff, author of Riding the Elephant: an Alzheimer's Journey, is a writer, photographer and radio talk show host who lives in the Virginia mountains with her husband, Richard. She holds a Master’s degree from Hollins University. Her work has appeared in The Sun, Southern Distinctions, Magical Blend, and in the anthology, Beyond Forgetting: Poetry and Prose about Alzheimer’s Disease, among other venues. She has taught workshops for The Reynold’s Homestead, The Light Factory and, in Greece, the Ariadne Institute. She traveled and performed as a member of WEB 6, a group of artists, writers and singers. Her photography has been exhibited in the Mies van der Rohe House in Chicago, the Ledel Gallery in New York, the Touchstone Gallery in Washington D.C. and the Virginia Museum in Richmond. As photographer and videographer for Company of Women, she worked with a group of international actresses, writer Carole Gilligan, voice teacher Kristin Linklater and director Maureen Shea. She served as guest artist at the Penland School in North Carolina.

"One night during the second week‚ from my bed in the spare room‚ I heard her slippers clop up the hall toward the living room. I got up as she was coming back down the hall‚ huddled deep in her pink bathrobe in the dim night-light. She stopped when she saw me and fixed me with an anxious stare. “Are you kin to me?” she whispered."