It was really my core teenage years when all this was happening. I think my mom...really captured  [in Riding the Elephant] how growth and goodness can come out of suffering.

Larkin Porter Goff, grahpics designer [Diane's daughter]


Front cover of Riding the Elephant: an Alzheimer's Journey.  The photography is by the author, Diane Porter Goff.  Cover design is by  Larkin Porter Goff.

Diane Porter Goff and her mother, Dorris Porter.  Photo by Richard Goff.

Alzheimer's Association Conference, Roanoke, VA, 6 Nov 2009.
"The day after the funeral‚ I was alone at my house for the first time since Daddy died. While I sat exhausted on the couch‚ my gray cat jumped up and sleekly ambled over to settle herself in my lap. Not unusual for a cat‚ except this one had never sat on anyone’s lap...."