...in the end, one feels not depressed but genuinely ennobled for having taken this journey with Diane and her mother.

Philip Lee Williams, author

Comments from Readers

You are an old soul master wordsmith. Spinning ideas, weaving words, unfolding a fascinating story tapestry, I could not get down from the elephant until I rode it to the end. I could ride again and treasure a same-different, sad-joyous, funny-wise, whole and holy encounter. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you....
Andy from VA

Over the course of the last 24 hours, my husband and I shared the book back and forth (whomever got to it first!) until we'd both finished it within a couple of hours of each other. What a heart-moving journal of your journey with your Mother through the trials of Alzheimer's.
Ruhanna from GA

The author expertly depicts the devastating impact on each family member witnessing the slow decline of a loved one who no longer recognizes them—a true test of love and endurance.
Gail from SC

You are very courageous to have written your experience in such detail, with a deep sensibility. Loved it.
Cristina from FLA

I was absolutely unprepared for this gorgeous and devastating book. And yet in the end it is transcendent, even ennobling. She is one hell of a fine writer, and this is a book worthy of a mother-daughter relationship, and that, to me, is saying so, so much.
Phil from GA

I found it compelling, interesting and moving. Once I began reading it, I found myself annoyed at having to put it aside to get some sleep.
Bob from VA

Finished reading “Elephants” today and can't tell you how impressed I am--with your writing and with the honesty you bring to it.
Judy from WI

I so much admire the life you put into a book about death and dying.
Mary from VA

I read your book last night and really enjoyed it. I was dead tired when I started it but couldn't put it down until it ended!
Ann from GA

Thank you for sharing such a profound story.
Brian from NY

Liked is not a strong enough word--I loved it!
Lynn from VA


"Her fragile little body sits upright in the water‚ legs stuck straight out like a child’s. Mama has always liked her baths hot and now‚ with old age sitting in her bones‚ she likes them even hotter. Steam rises. Rivulets run down the pink tiles surrounding the tub.... "